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Projector converted to a massive iPad!



Sony Xperia Touch is a new generation of tablet, and if you are an Android user, you will very familiar with their Android 7.0 Nougat operating system. The Xperia Touch can project a 23in image onto any flat surface with an HD resolution (1366x768). Your coffee table or kitchen worktop doesn’t need anything fancy as the Xperia Touch will convert it into a touchscreen by using a combination of Infrared and real-time detection via the built-in camera at 60fps.



The Xperia Touch is astonishingly and easy to use, with your finger being picked up easily regardless of feeling like it should be hard to register. Shadows don't seem to get in the way, with the (presumably) laser sensors working out where your digits are, and even responding to multiple touches at once.




When projected onto a wall, you can enlarge the image larger than 23” by simiply pulling the Xperia Touch further away. The screen size can go up to 80 inch, however, the touch input will not be function when the size of the screen goes beyond 23 inch.  According to Sony, they are now working on gesture controls via the 13Mp camera which will arrive with the future software update.



Sony Xperia Touch Specs :




Operation System

Android 7.0 Nougat


Qualcomm Processor



Storge size


Micro SD Slot


Screen Type (minimum size)

23” projected 10-point touchscreen

Maximum screen size

80inch (non touch)

Camera Resolution




USB-C Port


Wifi version

11ac Wi-Fi

Bluetooth version


NFC (Near field communication)


Stereo Speaker









Sony Xperia Touch Android projector


We were impressed with the Xperia Touch, both on a desk type surface and a wall. In our hands on review we found it remarkably responsive, which allow you to use any flat surface as a makeshift tablet. However, the size of the unit is still too big and is still quite heavy for lady users to carry it around. Further, the display of the projection is too dark and struggled to see, but this is a common problem for all projectors in the market. In addition, the price has set way too high but this due to there is no any similar products as Xperia Touch in the market. The price for this unit is £1299.99. So unless you’re desperate to turn your coffee table into a tablet, otherwise it may be greater for you to hold off for now and see what the future brings.


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