Reward Scheme

Reward Scheme is glad to present our new rewarding scheme. This rewarding scheme allows all our customers to earn reward points in each of their purchase with us.



How do I join the rewarding scheme?

All registered customers and re-sellers will automatically enroll with our reward scheme.


How do I benefit in this rewarding scheme?

Reward Point will be given in each of your purchase. All our customer can use reward points to purchase in full or get further discount in all of our products.


How do I check my Reward Points?

Click on Account which located on top of the website (Above Wahaha Logo).


Login to your account and under My Order section click Your reward Points


How do I use my reward points?

Go to Shopping cart> View cart> Use Reward Point. You will see a box and see point to use, next to point to use you can see a max number, the number means how many point do you need to use to purchase in full in the order.


If you do not have enough reward points to purchase in full, you can still use your present amount of reward point to get discount in your order.


Can I earn reward point if I am not registered to the

Unfortunately, you have to be a registered use to the website in order to receive your reward points.



I purchased in before and I didn’t register when the time I placed my order. Can I reclaim my reward points from my previous order?

Yes, all customer can contact us and reclaim their reward points within 3 months after they have purchased from our website.