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In accordance with the Cookie Regulation all website owners must clearly identify what cookies are in use and their purpose.

Below is a list of cookies that we use which enable our site to operate and to understand how to serve our customers better.

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Microsoft Internet Explorer:

  • Click the tools menu, then Internet Options
  • Click on the privacy tab
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Mozilla firefox:

  • Choose the tools menu then Options
  • Click on privacy icon
  • In history change the firefox will to use custom settings and then select the appropriate cookie option.


  • Click the spanner and then settings
  • Click under the bonnet and then content settings
  • Select the appropriate setting


What happens if I disable cookies?

This depends on the settings you chose, but the site may not operate correctly and it will be unlikely you will be able to check out.


Our cookies

New layout This cookies enables us to perform A/B testing. A/B testing allows us to test changes in functionality on a small sample of our visitors to ensure it is beneficial to them before we deploy the changes to all users.
Basket Summary We use a number of sub domains on This cookie enables us to pass your basket between them.
__utm[a-z] Cookies prefixed with __utm are part of Google Analytics.
ASPSESSION prefixed cookies This is a session cookie which is required for our ecommerce platform to pass data between page loads.
NewsletterSignup You may have seen an overlay when you visited this site asking you if you would like to signup to our newsletter. This cookie makes sure we only ask you once.
Wishlist This cookie stores your wishlist on the site and also enables us to pass your wishlist to our tile visualiser should you decide to use it.
recentlyViewed This cookie stores your recently viewed items so you can easily navigate back to a product you have recently looked at.
basket This cookie stores your basket, without it you wouldn't be able to checkout.


3rd party cookies

SLI_[a-z&0-9], uid, _mvt This cookie is used by a third party search provider which enables us to provide a rich user experience when searching for products.