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Are you a reseller? offers a dropshipping service. Dropshipping is a supply chain management technique where you advertise our products and entrust us to ship them directly to your customers.


Why choose dropshippingservice?

  1. product catalogue contains over 3,000 designed and customize products.
  2. £0 joining fee/monthly fee and no minimum order quantity.
  3. Benefit 30% off from our retail price
  4. Give you an easy online access and allow you to place your order online.
  5. Free UK delivery and flat rate worldwide shipping service.
  6. 24/48-hour delivery: 80% of packages are shipped within 24 hours
  7. Several secure payment methods including Paypal
  8. You can always e-mail our support team and they will answer all your requests within 24 hours.
  9. Benefit in Wahaha reward scheme, all re-sellers will earn rewards points for each of their purchase. Re-sellers can use reward points to make purchase in the website. 

By using dropshipping service, you’re building a long-lasting relationship with one of the best B2B designed and customized gift supplier. This allow you to boosting your business without any operating or logistic costs.

If you’re a reseller and interested in our dropshipping service, register now and join our dropshipping program today.


What is dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a service where products are shipped directly to end customers. Re-sellers can advertise products from our catalogue and entrust us to ship them directly to customers.

What is the advantage of Joining dropshipping program?

Dropshipping allows you to start you business with no cost such as stock purchasing, storage and postage. This program also allow re-sellers to make a profit on the difference between the wholesale and the retail price, without having to deal management and postage issue.

I'm new in online selling, what platform I can use to resell your products?

You can do you in online selling platform such as:

  1. ebay
  2. Amazon
  3. ebid
  4. Bonanza
  5. Your own online Store

Can I resell the Personalised Products?

You can certainly resell all our items and Personalised items, all you need to do is to follow the steps in the customisation process in the product page. 

Is the price for drop shipping same as the prices on the website?

Nope, you will have to register as a Reseller, in order to see the reseller price.

How should I set my reselling price? 

You can follow our retail price to list your item or if you would like to make more profit your could  set your price higher than our retail price.  

The Postage for UK is Free, and it will be a flat rate charge of £7.99 per product for worldwide postage 

*You will have to beware of all the charges of the selling platforms that you use, and you are responsible to all the commission charges.*

Where will your products dispatch from?

All of our item will be dispatched from our workshop which is located in Southampton, United Kingdom

Is there any extra cost/hidden cost in our Program and Products?

Nope, there are no any extra cost/hidden cost/monthly cost in our program and products. All price is shown as it is. 

Do I have to meet any criteria to be your dropship re-seller.

Anyone can join our dropshipping program with no monthly minimum order quantity and monthly fee. 

What if my customer did not receive the item? is happy to resend any of your item 1 more time if the item is lost/ damage during the postage service. However the resend item will only send to the same address, item, and buyer name as the order that we received at the first time. Damaged item will also need picture from customer and be approved by us in order to start the replacement process.

What else should i be aware of? 

All our products are made in order, therefore you will need to state it in the description. Refund will not be made if customer choose the wrong size or design during the order process (especially for personalised products).

*This rule is well protected by the UK law*


If you have any further questions in joining our program please do no feel hesitate to contact us by contact form or email to